How to deal with personal injuries in a car accident

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How to deal with personal injuries in a car accident

Is there at all times a direct connection involving the intensity of the car accident and the seriousness of the injury?

No. Some major accidents result in major injuries and minor accidents often result in least or no injury at all. But there are instances where a minor car accident left the driver with serious physical injuries that result to a lifetime of significant problems, and major accidents where the persons involved miraculously survived with just a few scratches and bruises.

Are all car accident injuries evident immediately?

Some major accidents result to serious injuries right away while some are not. Due to the trauma caused by the car accident, the body reacts by producing endorphins which are painkillers and you might not know at that instant that you have been injured.

auto-accident-attorneyIf you believe that you have been injured in a car accident, what should you do?

You must be examined by a doctor immediately. If possible ask your doctor to record all sustained injuries. If you have any recurring symptoms of the injury during the first or two weeks after your car accident, it is important to consult your doctor about this. Do not try to pull off some medicare fraud, otherwise you could face some serious problems.

Police. Car accident. Wounded man. Doctor. Firefighter.What you need to know if you suffered from car accident injuries?

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, it is important to seek the legal services of a personal injury lawyer. Discuss with your lawyer the possibility of making a personal injury claim. It is imperative to talk to an injury lawyer before making any statements, answering any questions or signing any forms from the liable party’s insurance company representatives or adjusters.

253631841Take some primary steps to make sure your personal injury claim can proceed by writing down everything that you can remember about how the accident and/or injury occurred, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the driver, potential witnesses, insurance company name, and other related details. Keep any evidence you may need to prove your injury, such as the vehicle, photographs of the accident and/or injury, clothes you were wearing, and damaged personal belongings. Get a copy of the accident report if police responded and the medical record and report of your doctor.

Take photographs of your injuries. Keep copies of all documents, bills, medical records, and so forth. Record all clinic/and or hospital visits, prescriptions, medications, laboratory services, treatments, including visitation dates, amount charged, and reasons for seeing the medical doctors.

Keep a daily journal to record your thoughts outlining your condition, pain, discomfort, emotional distress, inconvenience, etc. Continue to take pictures of your injuries at various times after the accident and/or injury, write the date on the back of the picture.

Make sure to keep all the bills and repair papers associated with your car repair. Don’t forget to keep all records and receipts you have paid for (out of pocket) regarding injuries sustained in the accident, this may include heating pads, bandages, cab services and/or car rentals, and so forth.

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